How Yoga Makes You Calmer, Motivated and Smarter.

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Yoga, But Why Yoga? I am fit & fine.” This is a common notion that comes to many people’s mind about Yoga.

Yoga is an ancient Indian practice to keep your mind and body healthy. It is just not any physical exercise Yoga has much deeper meaning as it not only keep your body physically fit but also create mindfulness. Yoga is getting recognized by many business owners and organization to boost their employee’s morale and motivation. As per the various scientific studies, yoga shows great positive effects on the person’s productivity, creativity & its efficiency. There are billions of people in the world practicing yoga daily to keep a balance in the physical and mental health. Many people think that yoga is just a physical exercise or breathing exercise to replace gymnasium or aerobics etc but physical wellness is just one of the aspect of the Yoga. As yoga defined by the founder of Yoga great sage Patanjali in his book Yoga-sutra of Patanjali that Yoga is all about restraining the mind-stuff (Citta) from taking various forms (Vrittis). This is the whole philosophy of Yoga. There are various forms of Yoga like Hatha Yoga which emphasizes more on the physical wellness, kundalini yoga which relates to awakening the various spiritual energy center to bring a full consciousness apart that there are other forms of yoga also present.

Now How yoga practitioners are more prosperous and blissful?
Well, yoga creates an ideal internal environment in the human body and mind which keeps you self-controlled and balanced. Let put the points that explain how yoga practitioners are more evolved physically, mentally & spiritually in their life. Here are some amazing benefits of Yoga

Yoga Practitioners are More Focused:


As today’s time when the life is fast & hectic, the people aren’t able to develop a good focus in their job & other daily tasks. To have a successful & happy life the mind should be focused and concentrated. Yoga is the practice which teaches to create a concentrated mind. It has been found that yoga practitioners are very active & focused in their daily lives. In yoga, Dharana is a practice which means concentration which is practices to reach a state of dhyana i.e meditation. The various breathing practices in Yoga asana which develops a focused mind on regular practices enables you to enhance your memory, clarity, brainpower, and concentration.


Yoga Practitioners Handle Stress Better:

As per Patanjali Yoga Sutra, Yoga is defined as “Yoga is a controlling mind from taking various forms.” Yoga is a practice which creates a control and managed mind, it helps to handle stress and swinging moods in a positive manner. Yoga practice offers a relax mind and body by trigger the parasympathetic nervous system. Yoga practice makes your mind powerful & controlled in any stressful situation.




Yoga Practitioners are Self-Confident: 

Regular practice of yoga strengthens your body and mind. Yoga develops an inner consciousness which boosts self- confidence & energizes you. Yoga ignites your inner energy that brings a steady, calm and positive mind which makes you stress resistant and self-esteem life.





Yoga Practitioners are More Productive:


Yoga Instructor

A physically & mentally healthy guy is also an efficient one. Yoga practices strengthen your mind and reduce stress and anxiety which bring an increase in your competence and productivity.
Many medical schools & universities found that regular yoga substantially decreased stress levels and health care costs.





Yoga Practitioners are Inner Conscious and Mindful:

Have you ever noticed that you are not able to recollect the trivial things like where you put your daily items or not able to retain information in your office meeting, loosen track on daily tasks? These are the symptoms of absent-mindedness. This is quite common in today’s hectic & stressful life. In Yoga the Dhyana Yoga which is a practice of mindful meditation. It helps to develop a mindful & conscious awareness in you.

Mindfulness trains your mind on how to pay attention to the present moment and enjoy it completely. It makes us more conscious of our feelings, thoughts, emotions, and body from which helps to ourselves better and hence restrain our response so that we act and not react to situations.

Meditation practices in yoga teach you to live each moment to the fullest.


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