Best Yoga Asanas to Heal Heart Diseases

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Heart diseases are the most common diseases among all kind of age groups. It is the second most common disease in the world. There are many factors that cause heart or cardiovascular diseases in human beings like bad cholesterol, stress, eating habit, no exercises or physical work, alcohol, smoking etc. As the heart-related diseases spreading so fast in the world so the medical science working hard to find out the cure of these deadly diseases. But without any medication, we can also heal many heart-related diseases and make your healthy. A healthy & proper diet, regular exercise or Yoga, stressfree life & adequate sleep can help to heal many heart diseases. Yoga is one of the best ways to heal many heart diseases. Yoga is an ancient practice originated in India. Yoga is the art that focuses on breathing pattern to relax the body via various asanas.


How Yoga Help to make Heart Healthy?


  • Control blood pressure.
  • Improve lung efficiency.
  • Lower bad cholesterol levels.
  • Improve heart rate.
  • Boost blood circulation.


Yoga Asanas For Heart-Related Diseases.

Here are few Yoga asanas which help to make heart-healthy & disease free.


Pranayama is the breathing technique in which we control the speed & rhythm of the breath to reach a stable state of life-force. The regular practice of Pranayam Yoga results in a flow of positive energy within you which improves the blood circulation, which is very important for the heart to pump properly. Pranayama keeps you calm & makes your mind peaceful, Cures anxiety and depression, control blood pressure & good oxygen flow in the body.


Tadasana (Mountain Pose)


Tadasana, tada means mountain in Sanskrit & asana means posture which also known as mountain pose. Practicing Tadasana helps strengthen the vertebral column and the heart. This asana increases the concentration of oxygen in the lungs as it expands the lung during the practice.


Surya Namaskar



Surya Namaskar is a set of 12 yoga asanas which bring your body, breath, and mind together. Surya Namaskar is in itself a complete Yoga. It helps in making blood circulation robust, relieves stress & Anxiety with Surya Namaskar.



Virabhadrasana I (Warrior Pose)

Virabhadrasana is an asana which is based on the mythological character in Hinduism named as the “Virabhadra” who was a warrior therefore also known as “Warrior Pose”. This asana creates a balance in the body which creates stamina. Virabhadrasana keeps the heart rate in control.



Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)

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Bhujangasana is also known as Cobra Pose in Sanskrit Bhujanga means snake & Asana means pose or posture. This asana is taken inspiration from the posture of the snake.  Bhujangasana stretch the chest which strengthens the heart. This asana also relieves stress & fatigue.


Shavasana (Corpse Pose)


Shavasana is one of the simplest yoga asana.  Shavasana is also known as Corpse Pose, as Shava means Corpse & Asana means Pose in Sanskrit. It is very easy Yoga Asana you just need to lie down on the Yoga Mate or Ground and take a deep breath & calm your body. Shavasana rejuvenates the body, mind, and soul. In Shavasana, make you calm, relax & peaceful. It controls the blood pressure & heart rate.


Note: Please make sure to practice these asanas after consulting with your doctor or under expert Yoga Guru.


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