Yoga – A Growing Multibillion Industry Globally.

Yoga is the 4th fastest growing industry in the USA. America has 36.7 million yoga practitioners in 2016, up from 20.4 million in 2012. Americans spend around $2.5 billion annually on yoga instruction. Around 80 million Americans are likely to engage with yoga within the duration of 1 year. Around 37% of the practitioners in the USA are children below 18 years of age.

Why Promote Your Yoga with Atmabodha?

Atmabodha is working in the field of Health & Wellness from last 3yrs. We have a mission to spread the ancient Indian wisdom of Yoga, Meditation, and Spirituality all across the world. In continuation to spread the culture of Yoga & Meditation in the lifestyle of a common man to make his life healthy, positive and prosperous. We have started the initiative on to help the Yoga Schools, Yoga Centers, Meditation Ashrams, Spiritual Ashrams etc to grow their Yoga business worldwide. work with the team of creative & experienced digital branding consultant & marketers of our sister concern Yoga Digital Agency Online Yoga Guru. (for more information please visit  The team is having a 10+ yrs of experience in the digital promotion & online ROI campaigns for Health & wellness industries. The top yoga schools, yoga masters, ashrams, and Ayurveda centers are happy clients working with us.

Our Mission

We have a mission to spread the positive vibes and benefits of yoga worldwide by helping small yoga business owners and independent yoga trainers to run their yoga retreats, yoga classes & workshop successfully worldwide. In a few years, we have become a fastest growing network of more than 200+ Yoga schools(national & international) on board and serving them to promote their yoga business worldwide.
We are also a dedicated partner with the many yoga ashrams, schools, retreats centers & yoga instructors and help them to promote their yoga retreats, workshops & classes and fill up their yoga seats.

How we Excel Your Yoga Business?

We have a clear aim to support the yoga business community and the yoga teachers to expand, grow and transform at the next level. We are helping to grow their yoga business with the 360-degree business plan which has been developed by the experts & specialist in the industry.

Our online methods & strategies provide proven ways to helping and guiding Yoga studio owners and teachers to grow their client base, increase sales conversions and client retention in the fastest, economical and convenient way possible.

Our all methods are based on the tested practices of ethical principles of business, helping you realize your goals and get closer to your dreams.

We help the achieve following business goals of Yoga Business Owners & Independent Yoga Teachers

  1. Create a successful marketing funnel
  2. Increase online client acquisition & sale conversions
  3. Online & Offline branding Solution for develops a brand name of your Yoga.
  4. Client retention & loyalty solutions.
  5. Maximum ROI with low investment.


This Free E-Book on Grow Your Yoga Worldwide with Agile Inbound Marketing Strategies.

Inside this E-Book You Will Find:
*Growth of Yoga
*Business Plan For Your Yoga
*What is Agile Marketing Strategies & How it will help your Yoga?
*Complete Online Strategies with the Robust Marketing Plan




Choose Your Promotion Plans

Platinum Yoga Leads Plan

Platinum Yoga Lead plan is for those small & medium yoga business owners who cannot spend the big budget on digital marketing, search marketing or social marketing campaigns.

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Online Promotion & Marketing Packages 


Select the Best Packages for your Yoga Business

    • OM Marketing Plan
    • Starter Yoga Marketing Package
    • Increase Your Yoga Online Presence
    • Microsite & Blog Development
    • Build Your Online Audience
    • Become Social Influencer
    • Blog Promotion & Marketing
    • Business Plan Development
    • Assured Yoga Leads
    • 25 Hrs Monthly Plan
    • 5 hrs Free Brand Building Consultancy

  • SHANTI Marketing Plan
  • Agile Inbound Marketing Plan
  • Website Optimization
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Micro & Macro Conversion Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing & Optimization
  • Assured Yoga Leads
  • Business Plan Development
  • 50 Hrs Monthly Plan
  • 10 hrs Free Brand Building Consultancy

  • Online Yoga Lead Package
  • Certified Quality Yoga Queries
  • Unique Yoga Leads
  • Targeted Local & Internation Booking Leads
  • Free Yoga/Meditation Center Listing
  • Flexible Plan
  • Pay & Purchase Yoga Leads
  • Fill Your Yoga Class Instantly

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