Platinum Yoga Lead plan is for those small & medium yoga business owners who cannot spend the big budget on digital marketing, search marketing or social marketing campaigns. At we have a mission to spread the positive vibes and benefits of yoga worldwide by helping small yoga business owners and independent yoga trainers to run their yoga retreats, yoga classes & workshop successfully worldwide.

Platinum Yoga Plan & Benefits:

  1. Create your yoga business web page, mini website & listing on our network.
  2. Promote your business on all the local, social, email and content network of Atmabodha.
  3. Quality Sales Leads of Yoga Students & Seekers To Your Yoga Studio, Yoga Ashram, Yoga School, Yoga Event, Yoga Therapy Center, Yoga Retreats, Wellness Center Anywhere in the World. 
  4. No Duplicacy of Leads, Genuine & Fresh Booking Leads of Yoga from All over the World.
  5. High ROI
  6. Low Cost per acquisition (CPA)
  7. Flexible Plan – Join or Discontinue the plan any time.

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