What Is Atma Bodha(Self-Realization) ?

Atmabodha is a Vedic Sanskrit word which means self-realization and elaborately illuminated by the great Indian saint Adi Guru Sankaracharya. He wrote a mystical composition named “Atmabodha” which explain the truth of self-knowledge to realize the true self, the absolute truth. Atmabodha is not just a spiritual notion but a spiritual guide to realizing the true knowledge of self. Knowledge is power and self-knowledge is the true power of being.  Atmabodha – the knowledge of self is the true knowledge to realize the absolute truth of conscious bliss the experience of “Satcitananda” State. Yoga is a way to reach the state of Atmabodha.

In the western philosophical & psychological wisdom also the concept of self-realization mentioned as the highest level of need in the human hierarchy of need.

As per the Maslow’s theory of the hierarchy of needs the self-realization or self-actualization(the term Maslow coined after some time it replaced by the self-transcendence) is the highest need of human being.
As you realized yourself than the expression of your full potential can be experienced which leads to a complete & content life.



Yoga & Meditation are the most effective ways of self-realization. Yoga & Meditation are one of the oldest practices to purify your mind, body & soul on this planet. It is scientifically also proven that Yoga & Meditation help to balance the life in all aspects and make it content, healthy & blissful.

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