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Varanasi or Banaras is a Mecca of  Spirituality, Yoga, Ashrams, Meditation in India.  It is one of the ancient cities in the world. It is a 3000 BC old city as per the archeological survey.  It is one of the sacred & most visited pilgrimages in Hindu religion.

Varanasi is also well known for its Yoga & Meditation Ashrams all over the world.  Varanasi is well known as the knowledge core of Vedic wisdom, Yoga, Dhyana Yoga or Meditation. There are many ancient spiritual ashrams located on the bank of sacred Hindu river Ganga. These ashrams conduct various Yoga and Meditation Retreats, Programs, Initiation Courses. These ashrams also provide free or cost effective stay in Varanasi with two times of food. 

Here is the list of best ashrams for a stay in Varanasi India. If you have any query please feel free to contact us at


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  • RAMAKRISHNA ADVAITA ASHRAMA in VaranasiStarted by Swami Shivananda (a monastic disciple of Sri Ramakrishna) in 1902, this ashrama has for long served as a retreat for the old and retired monks of our Order.
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  • Santmat Anuyayi Ashram in VaranasiA Holy Place of Shri Shri Sarnanadji Maharaj of Math Gadwa Ghat Trust, Ramna , Varanasi. Ashram is a residence for saints and spiritual aspirants.
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Ashrams in Varanasi
Average rating:  
 5 reviews
by Romila bhattacharya on Ashrams in Varanasi
Spiritual & Sacred Banaras

Temples, Ganga & its ghats are the spiritual beauty of Varanasi. You will feel the spiritual energy in this sacred city of Lord Shiva. Must visit.

by Timothy on Ashrams in Varanasi
High spiritual city with high energy

High energy place with spirituality everywhere cheap food and stay. Deep Level consciousness experience in the temples in Varanasi. Must visit place in India

by Jason on Ashrams in Varanasi
Spiritual but not very clean

Varanasi is a spiritual city with lots of ancient temples and Ganga banks. The stay in Varanasi is affordable and the food is also cheap and good. But the city is dirty as high pollution, traffic chaos and ghats are also not very clean.
I stayed for 1 month is Varanasi helps me a lot to choose the best ashram stay in Varanasi. Thanks, team.

by katherine on Ashrams in Varanasi
Varanasi - Spiritual Heaven

Varanasi is a mystical place which is full of amazing & wondrous things. Various ghats of Ganga, Ganga Aarti, temples and people with full of energy makes this place a best spiritual destination. Ashram stays in Varanasi is a soulful experience. I personally suggest staying at least for one day in Varanasi's ashram.

by Vijaya on Ashrams in Varanasi
Best ashram in banaras is Rama Taraka Andhra Ashram & Santmat Anuyayi Ashram

I stayed in both ashrams Santmat Anuyayi & Rama Taraka Andhra Ashram in Varanasi. Both ashrams are safe & hygienic but these ashrams do not allow to stay longer. To stay longer you need to take special permission from the ashram committee. But both ashrams are located at the best location in Varanasi to see the spiritual and religious centers & temples.