Power of AUM

The Power of AUM.

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AUM – The Powerful Mantra.

AUM is the sacred sound of the existence of this universe. AUM itself a creation, preserve, and the end. AUM is not just a metaphor for the religion but it is that mystical sound which conveys the meaning of the “The One”.  As mentioned in Yoga Sutra by Patanjali:

तस्य वाचकः प्रणवः ॥२७॥

Tasya vachakah Pranava
His manifesting word is Om



AUM has a divine significance in Hinduism, the origin of AUM is available in Vedas the oldest scriptures in the world. Apart Vedas the AUM has very well explained in Upanishads, Gita, and other Vedic texts. The Significance of AUM is so wide that it is quite traditional in various scriptures and mantras of other religion like  Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism.  AUM has also been referred to as onkara (ओङ्कार, oṅkāra), Omkara (ओंकार, oṃkāra), and Pranava (प्रणव, praṇava).

The Meaning of AUM.

AUM is composed of three basic sounds from which all sounds of the universe developed, first “A”, second “U” & third “M”.  These sounds refer to the diving being that resides in us. These sounds define some eternal law of the life & the universe. The meaning of the AUM refers to the ultimate reality who Creates, Preserves & Annihilates the world.

The syllable “A” came first from northern face; the syllable ‘U” from the west; the syllable “M” from the southern and the Bindu (dot) from the eastern face. The Nada (mystical sound) came from the middle face. Thus the complete set cropped up in five-fold form. Then all of them united in the syllable of “Om”.


AUM is not just a 3-word syllable it is beyond that, AUM is a composed of five sounds apart A, U the M sound end with the mystical sounds which is called Naad & Bindu. Naad is that mystical sound radiates the cosmic energy of the One Pure Energy, the spiritual connector for the union of body & mind to reveal the true self.

The Power of AUM

At the time of the repeated utterance (Japa) of the mantra, (AUM) ending with “M” purifies the mind and manifest the true spiritual energy of self. 

AUM is Beyond Time – As per Upanishads  AUM is a beyond the existence of time, the infinite dimension where past, present, and future merge into the One, the GOD, the Atman.

AUM is the State which Reveals the Pure Nature – AUM is the pure nature which is beyond the three Gunas i.e. Sattva, Rajas & Tamas of human nature, the proportion of these three nature describe the external nature of the human. By repetition of AUM, it reveals the true nature of the existence.

AUM is the state of Pure Consciousness –  In life, we experience the three state of consciousness, wakeful, dream state(subconscious) & deep sleep but apart these three common state there is another state which is called samadhi or Turiya state which is the state of pure consciousness, divine consciousness. AUM is that state where human consciousness reveals its pure nature, the indestructible nature of Self, the Atman. AUM is that threshold.

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