Spiritual Travel – A Journey to the Self, by the Self.

Realizing my supreme self-nature in the Person of the Witness,
the Lord, and the state of desirelessness in bondage or liberation,
I feel no inclination for liberation.

– Ashtavakra Gita


All the answers of your existential questions lie in your awareness, the awareness of self. The awakening of self is the revelation of your true identity. Sometimes this awakening comes by birth, some got from their environment,  some from places, some by religion, some by inspiration from other spiritual souls etc. etc.

Life is a journey and you are a traveler with limited time but infinite possibilities it’s up to you to make it a beautiful experience or the poor one. An awaken life journey is a mindful experience that brings the eternal joy & inner peace. A peaceful mind is a powerful mind, a controlled mind. The awakened mind is the liberated, powerful & calm one. Spiritual Travel is also one of the ways to start the process of self-awakening in your life. Spiritual destinations can create awakening moments in life. Spiritual destinations have an aura of spiritual & positive energy that lighten up the conscious presence of self, the Atman. Spiritual places are the cosmic energy centers that spread the positive vibration of the universe.

Spiritual Travel – A Journey to the Soul.

Some people travel to get an adventurous experience, some for relaxing or recreation experience, some to de-stress themselves but when they join their conventional life then they feel life more miserable and biased. They miss their cherished moments, this is a common story with many people. But a spiritual trip is like a flow infinite drops of spiritual cosmic energy in the life, that ignite the inner consciousness that buried inside. Spiritual travel is a mystical experience which is pure and pious & that leads to the state of purity of mind. The constant flow of divine knowledge & consciousness rupture from the pure heart.  When the state of uncontrolled emotions, restlessness, deep sorrow, emotional breakdown, stress, and mental pressure the spiritual trip help you to deal with your emotions and fill the positive vibes within.

Spiritual Trip – An Inception of Mysticism in Your Life.


The span between birth and death is a life which is full of diversity & vividness. When awakening of mind started the changes that you observe in yourself seems not changes but the transformation of life toward the spiritual evolution where the balance, control and inner peace become the outcome. A spiritual trip can be a crucial point toward a new dawn of your life. You meet different people like sages, monks, hermits, liberated mind and gurus in the spiritual trip which will guide you to the path of your true life. The colors of divinity & purity will outshine your self and make you meet with it. So, what are waiting for pack your bags and start the process of self-awakening in your spiritual trip?





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