Self-Knowledge: The Ultimate Knowledge of Life.

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“Knowledge is power and self-knowledge is supreme power.”

Life – A Bouquet of Moments.

Life is an experience which is composed of various kinds of moments, some are good, some are bad, when good moments come we feel blessed or deserved for these moments, many earn those moments and many get showered with them, which we call it good fortune or luck. Well, we can make any kind of belief for our state of mind but when the bad time comes many people start cribbing, cursing, blaming, comparing asking why me? And some accept their situation and leave it on fate and some fight their situation and come up from it.  Why there is so much variation in the people thought process? when do they deal with the same situation?  It’s a decision, it’s a choice they choose. What kind of life do you want to live? a life which is controlled by the time, moments or other external objects or the life that creates by your own which is under your control, the life which you decide. The control of mind and its associated senses is the way to lead toward the greatest secrets of Self. The real self which is the true conscious bliss. It’s me who will decide what kind of life I want to live, not my conditions or external objects that control my life. Liberation from the mind is the path toward the self-realized life.

Self-Knowledge: The Knowledge Beyond Mind

We have layered ourself with so much of distinctions of personality & ignorance that our true self is hidden under it. A scientific & logical mind can only discover the truth when it is in its native state i.e meditation. External things can make you happy or relaxed for a moment but as the external thing removed, the misery starts fill-in. Why is that so? It is the ignorance that keeps us to live a miserable life and the self-knowledge is the solution of all miseries of life. The life becomes a vicious circle with its high & lows, sometimes you are at high and sometimes you are at low. In life, good time seems to run like a horse but the bad time crawls like a snail.  A realized the power of self is about knowing the nature of externality that controls our life. Now it’s up to you whether you want a liberated and united life. A self is a matter of discussion coz many thinkers, philosophers, intellectuals, scientist have their own views on it some define, some oppose it, some seeking more explanation to satisfy their egocentric hunger. There is nothing wrong to oppose it or favor, we should not accept anything which been said by anyone or written in texts, whether he is an intellect, spiritual or religious leader or any influential one. We need to self-question, self-assess and analyze it before reaching to any conclusion or acceptance.

The Path towards the Reality is Atmabodha(Self-Knowledge)

When we go deep inside the mind through meditation we will find that the true knowledge of our nature is not the genesis of mind but the process of self-realization that goes beyond the mind, the senses and the object and there reveal the true nature of our existence, our life.  From Vedas to Gita, whole scriptures and text reveal the truth of this life from the knowledge of self. Vedas which is the oldest wisdom present on this planet authored by not one or two people but the hundreds of wise sages and their fraternity by churn out the self-knowledge by meditating the self and deliver the knowledge of the truth. These self-realized divine souls spread this knowledge to society and give them a direction to fulfill the purpose of life ie. Dharma, Artha, Kama & Moksha.

Self-knowledge or Self-realization is not just a process but a supreme way to realize the true meaning of life and existence. Once you reached this state you will be free from any objective misery or pain and gain the true conscious bliss.



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