How Daily 15 minutes of Meditation Practice Makes You More Positive, Energetic & Productive.

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Meditation is the ancient practice, that has imprints found in the civilization of Indus valley. The stamp of yogi has been discovered in the digging of Indus valley civilization which confirms the valueness of meditation and its benefits in the ancient period of time also. Meditation is one of the peaceful practice that creates a positive & mindful environment within you. Many pieces of scientific research & studies proved that daily meditation helps to make your life prosperous, healthy & peaceful.
Here is few valuable knowledge about the benefits of the daily practice of meditation.

1. Meditation keeps your nerves calm, in a calm state of mind you become more decisive & determined.

2. Daily meditation makes you more mindful & focused in your thoughts & activities. In a scientific research carried out by the doctors on the groups of people & found that people practicing daily meditation showing sharp memory and improving attention. In student phase, many students face the issue of lack of focus & understanding in their studies. Meditation is a psychological process to connect with the object deeply & understand it completely. Vipassana Meditation is one of the meditation practice that creates a mindfulness & insightfulness in you.


3. Practicing meditation makes you more aware of yourself. You feel more controlled & connected to your inner self. In concise, meditation helps you in the realization of your karma.

4. Daily practicing of Meditation or Dhana-yoga helps to make your body immune to many diseases like hypertension, depression, diabetes etc. Many breathing exercises also help in the cure of many heart-related diseases. Meditation also makes the biological immunity of your body stronger.

5. Meditation creates a feeling of inner happiness & inner peace within, which leads to a peaceful, prosperous & productive life. You become more positive or look the brighter side of life. The inner peace is one of the boons of meditation.

As the life getting busy & stressful the 15 minutes of your day practicing meditation can transform your life, into a mindful & meaningful life.


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