Daily Meditation is Key to Success in Life. Research Revealed.

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Meditation is the one of the ancient practice that is discovered by the human being for the welfare & wellness of the society. When we talked about meditation the roots of meditation starts in India, meditation & Yoga are concurrent to each other. Meditation is thousands of year old practice mentioned in Vedic & Buddhist scriptures. Buddha reached the enlightenment (Nirvana) state by practicing meditation only.

Practicing meditation can help the create a spiritual positive energy which helps to make our life happy, blissful & successful. Many types of research & studies have been carried out on the meditation to see the impact of it on the mind & body.


In one of the studies carried out on meditation by Dr. Fred Travis, a US neuroscientist formulates a theory of brain integration which explains that in the highly-integrated mind, associations between various regions of the brain are strong, attention is intense and the brain is quick to spring into action when faced with a question. In his latest study, it showed that brain integration appears to ignite the creativity that is often key to success.


Here are some important studies about meditation and its benefits to improve the quality of your life.

  1. Meditation Helps the Brain to Function Better: In 2012 a study revealed that people who do meditation daily, shows more folding in their cerebral cortex also known as Gyrification as a result of brain growth, the process of   Gyrification helps may allow the brain to process information faster. The process of gyrification is accountable for building the brain better at processing information, decisions making,  memories formation, and improving attention. Though the study does not reveal this direct but scientist do consider that meditation helps in the process of  gyrification
  2. Meditation Helps in Handling Stress, Anxiety, and Depression: This has been found in the study carried on school students for six months that meditation helps these students a lot in handling the stress better than the non-meditating students. In the study, it also found the decreasing symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression in the meditation students.
  3. Meditation Helps to Increase Productivity in High-Performance & High-Stress Conditions:  A study had been carried out on the set of people in a multi-tasking situation. These people had to do multi tasks with various forms of input in a typical office setup in a limited time period. There are two sets of people one who did meditation daily & others who did not. The participants who engaged in meditation on daily basis show a great improvement in handling multi-tasking activities than the participant who did not engage in meditation.
  4. Meditation Helps in Increase Alertness & Concentration: The scientific studies showed that daily meditation helps to connect the brain cells i.e neurons better. After meditation brain finds it easier to access & process information. Regular meditation helps to process the information quickly and filtered out the unnecessary information.
  5. Meditation Helps to Manifest the Creative Part of the Brain: If you do daily practicing of meditation the brain become less judgmental & more absorption of new ideas. The better processing of information by the brain has been seen in the daily meditators which enhance the creativity & idea generation.
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