Are You Stressed? Need to Know? Answers that will redefine Your Life and Bring Bliss & Peace.

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What is stress? A psychological disorder when our mind does not function in an appropriate way. Stress is like a common disease nowadays that spreading like a resilient parasite into the people’s mind. Stress, anxiety, depression become a part of today’s life. We try to keep ourselves healthy and happy with the recipes books selling in the market like How to be Happy? Ten ways to be happy? Etc etc. Who can decide your happiness? Is it you or the one sitting in the cafeteria writing a book on happiness after having a divorce? Does it inspire you? Might be applicable in some cases and also rendezvous with the superficial happiness which will stay not long. The text helps but only when it is realized one.

But are we meant for the packaged happiness? No, we are not meant for that packaged happiness. We are meant for the true & pure happiness because I am the true happiness, a bliss. No anything outside. The true me is the pure form of bliss. The eternal bliss. But when we are a happy, a true bliss than why we are not happy why we are anxious? Sad? Irritate? Fearful? It is because we never ask happiness from ourselves we never seek it within we are running blindly to follow the crowd. Here are some points that you need to ask yourself.

Am I Stressed? – As you found your behavior for yourself and for other changing in a negative direction then you need to ask this question to yourself. Many people do not recognize that they are under stress. If they feel stressed, they hit to bar had some shots of tequila & they feel now they are free from it. But the bitter truth it is not that easy it will leave you. But who has a time for it? We are a busy people in the busy world we saw life as it is our parents did, so do we & So do our children. But somewhere you have to stop it until it becomes a deadly disease. So wake up and recognize it until it’s too late.


Communicate Now. – Communicate with yourself on your stress, anxiety, and fears. Are they real or just a phony one. As you communicate with you or with your friends & family then you will find that all the burdens I am carrying my heads are just hoax. Communication to the inner self is to opening the knots in you. The love that resides in you somehow covered by the worldly deeds just loosen yourself and seek the love within you to destroy your all fears and anxiety.

Connect with self – Nothing know you better than yourself. But being connected to yourself? Do you know the true being within you? If not connect now to the true being. As you create a strong bonding with yourself then you become resistant to all the negative emotions & thoughts. You became simple & easy the complexity of worldly notion will become the straight path. Meditation is an easy way to create a connection with you. As you meditate you find that within you are a peace & tranquility. As you dive into the deep meditation you merge within you and remain nothing. All the misery vanished and a divine light follows you with the eternal bliss.

The seed of happiness within You – Meditation is the way to germinate a seed of happiness within you which already in you. You just need to give a peaceful, mindful awareness to it. No one can make you happy except yourself. It you who take the decision to be happy with the outer world or within inner world. The seed of happiness within you when growing so the happiness will grow.
This World is Impermanence, So the problems. – Buddha said a beautiful word that All conditioned things are impermanent when one sees this with wisdom, one turns away from suffering. Impermeance is the nature of the world so the miseries. Nothing stays forever but the bliss that is also called ‘Satchitananda’ stays forever within you.

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