Ayurveda – The Ancient Spiritual Science of Longevity

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Ayurveda, the “life-knowledge” or “science of longevity,” is the ancient holistic alternative medical science from India. Ayurveda is more than 5,000 years old medicine science from India. It is believed to be the oldest healing science in existence, forming the foundation of all others medicinal science. Ayurveda is one of the oldest Indian systems of natural and holistic medicine.

Ayurveda – The World’s Oldest Medicine Science

Ayurveda is pronounced as Aa-yer-vay-da , it is said to be a world medicine and the most holistic or comprehensive medical system available. Áyurveda is one of the oldest spiritual wisdom of healing, prevention, and longevity was a part of the spiritual tradition of a universal religion. Many spiritual healers all across the world united in India to share their knowledge of medical science.
There are different beliefs about the origin of the Ayurveda one It is believed that the famous Indian sage Veda Vyasa preserved the wisdom of Ayurveda in writing. Others say wisdom of Áyurveda was passed down from God to his angels, and finally to humans.

history of ayurveda
History of Ayurveda

In Indian Hindu religion, spiritual sage saw the healthy life & lifestyle as part of the spirituality.  It is believed that the sage at that time received the knowledge of the Ayurveda through direct cognition during meditation. the knowledge of the use of the various methods of healing, prevention, longevity, and surgery came through Divine revelation; guessing or animal testing was unnecessary. These revelations were transcribed from oral tradition into written form, interspersed with aspects of mortal life and spirituality. These Vedas are combined into a single book dealing with Ayurveda. So, Ayurveda consists wisdom from all Vedas. Rig Veda contain 10,572 hymns are discussions of the three constitutions (doshas ) of the body: air (Váyu), fire (Pitta), and water (Kapha). Topics comprised organ transplants, artificial limbs, and the use of herbs to heal diseases of the mind and body and to foster longevity. Atharva Veda’s consist 5,977 hymns and the discussions of anatomy, physiology, and surgery available in it.


Schools of Ayurveda.

There were two schools of Ayurveda at the time of Atreya, the school of physicians and the school of surgeons. These two schools transformed Áyurveda into a scientifically verifiable and classifiable medical system. Through research and testing, they dispelled the doubts of the more practical and scientific minded, removing the aura of mystery that surrounded Divine revelation. Consequently, Ayurveda grew in respect and became a widely used system of healing in India. People from many countries came to Indian Ayurvedic schools to learn about this medicine in its entirety. Chinese, Tibetans, Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Afghanis, Persians and others traveled to absorb the wisdom and bring it back to their own countries. India’s Silk Road, an established trade route between Asia (China, Tibet, etc.), the Middle East (Afghanistan, Persia, etc.), and Europe (Rome, Greece, etc.), provided a link between cultures. On this route travelers first discovered Áyurveda.

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