Atmabodha(Self-Realization) – The Awakening Seed of Spirituality.

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The Genesis of Knowledge.

Many people don’t accept the truth of Self, as we cannot accept, which we cannot perceive and for the Self which we haven’t seen or perceived it. This is the same notion that been followed by the people of Charvaka community which is one of the oldest philosophical school in Hinduism which follows the philosophy based on sensual perception & experience only, that there is no god, self, karma, after death other belief of theist. Everything which we can perceive through our senses is the truth apart that every other thing is a lie and our aim to live life to enjoy all the sensory things of the world. But the hunger of the human mind always insatiable and ready to go beyond senses to gain the knowledge to realize the pure truth beyond senses and its experiences.

Knowledge is power without having the knowledge, men is a featherless biped a weak & miserable species. All the existence of this material world is due to the energy of desire, the energy of knowledge and energy of action. The energy of knowledge is a powerful energy that makes things happen in this world. The knowledge is that fire that runs the engine of the world. It is because the power of knowledge men distinguish itself highest in the living world.  In Indian or Vedic culture the spiritual knowledge is prevalent and eternal very well elaborate the eternity of the gnosis in Shiva Samhita


The jnana (Gnosis) alone is eternal; it is without beginning or end; there exists no other real substance. Diversities which we see in the world are results of sense-conditions; when the latter cease, then this Jnana alone, and nothing else, remains. ( Shiva Samhita 1.2)

Atmabodha – Supreme Knowledge of Self.

All the spiritual knowledge is the effect of the knowledge of self, the supreme knowledge of the universe, the pure, the divine knowledge. All the causation of the universe is due to the Purusha which is the higher self which has supremacy on the universe. The knowledge of the Self which stays hidden in all-time in the men by layers of Maya

the illusion and keeps him under the control of the cycle of life & death. But once he realized this knowledge of self he becomes the liberated one, free from misery, pain and the fears of life.




In the 8th century, a saint name Adi Shankara wrote a beautiful commentary on the realization of the knowledge of Self, called Atmabodha, which explain the nature and the power of Self. Through the realization of the Self, one can achieve the ultimate reality of the universe.

Bodho anya-Sadhanebhyo Hi
Sakshan-Moksha Eka Sadhanam
Pakasya Vahnivat Jnanam
Vina Moksho Na Sidhyati

To cook food such as rice, vegetables, water, and pots are necessary, to
cook a meal at is the fire that actually cooks the meal. As fire is thus the direct cause of
cooking, Knowledge of the Self and not any other form of discipline i.e., a practice of
austerities and rituals are the sole direct means to attain moksha or liberation. The purpose of
austerities are the purification of heart and the creation of a mental condition to aid one’s spiritual
growth and render it fit for pursuing the path of knowledge (jnana marga)

-Adi Shankara(Atmabodha)


Self-realization is a supreme way to realize the nature of life and its existence. Why supreme? coz it doesn’t need any kind of externality or the transientness, everything lies in you, the knowledge, the wisdom, the inspiration you don’t need any externality to reveal your true power it stays in you only you just need to uncover it.

By the deep level of meditation and yogic lifestyle of the Vedic sages reach the state of self-realization by dissolving the personal-self (Jivatama)with the cosmic-self (Parmatama) to reach union of The Ultimate One.

The Self-realization is the highest way to realize the true knowledge of the self to break the vicious circle of life & death. As the seed of the self-realization entered the mind of men then he starts to progress in the field of life.



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