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Best Yoga Asanas to Get You Relieve from Stress & Depression in 15 Minutes.

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Nowadays, a new change is going on in our lives, it becomes fast & restless. As the time change, there has also been a lot of changes occur in our lives. Science and technology have also upgraded our lifestyle. Now life has become easier than ever. Nowadays, all kinds of comforts & convenience are available. These pleasures have made life easy & cozy, but there is no comfort without a pain, which we are observing now!  The life has been made wonderful with the wonderful gadgets and technology like mobile phones, computers, internet, etc. but we have to pay the prices in terms of physical and mental health degradation.  Nowadays there is a huge change in our eating habits & lifestyle, junk food, smoking, alcohol etc have a profound impact on our mental and physical health. Stress is a major influence in it. Nowadays, stress is emerging like a disease that is spreading like a virus. Nowadays this disease spreads not only in the young people, but the children are not untouched by it. Workload, changing lifestyle and pollution are the main reasons for this disease. This disease also causes many diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases, hypertension Etc. According to one figure, 7 people died every 2 seconds due to stress & depression. Many people use drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, etc. to relieve stress, but instead of reducing the stress, they increase it further and cause many new diseases in the body.

How does Yoga help in Stress & Depression?

Yoga is an ancient practice in our country of India for centuries, there is no two opinion in the fact that Yoga is an invaluable contribution of India to this world. Our Sages and Yogis have saved this tradition and have spread all across the world. Yoga has given us a new direction to live our life. Yoga is a panacea that not only makes our life free from many deadly diseases but also makes our life joyful and happy.

Now understand how yoga keeps stress and anxiety away from our lives. In many of ancient Yoga texts such as Shiva Samhita, Hath Pradipika, Patanjali Yoga-Sutra etc, there is an interpretation and knowledge of many yoga postures or asanas that are very beneficial in relieving of stress & depression. Here are some best yoga asanas that you can practice daily for 15-20 minutes to relieve stress and depression.


Shavasana – As the name of this posture is called Shavasana which is practiced by lying down like a dead body, this posture is quite beneficial in creating calmness and removing mental or physical fatigue. As per the scientific study, the practice of this asana increases the efficiency of the brain. It eliminates the problem of a headache and insomnia. The practice of Shavasana can be done from 1 or 2 minutes to 20 minutes. Shavasana can be easily practiced by all ages of people.

Method of doing Shavasana : 
To practice this asana, first, lie on a flat surface like a mat or lie on the bench or bed. Keep a gap of about one and a half feet in both of your legs. Hold the side of the palms upwards and keep both hands together. Your head should be very straightforward, if you want it, you can put a thin pillow below the head also.
Now relax the body, leave all the limbs loose and close your eyes. Keep in mind that while breathing, any part of the body should not move, you have to keep the body like in the state of the dead body. Take a deeps breath and release it slowly. If any thought comes into the mind, just observe it but do not connect yourself with the thought. In a while, you will start feeling calm, relaxed and mentally at peace. Stay in this currency for some time and observe the inner peace.


Anulom Vilom: Anulom Vilom is a pulse purification asana in pranayama. It is a process of breathing that helps to clean up the energy channels in our body and relaxes the mind. This pranayama can be done by people of all ages.

Method of doing Pranayama Anulom Vilom :
First, make your spine straight and leaving the shoulders loose. Put a gentle smile on your face. Place your left hand on the left knee, open it toward the sky or in the chin posture. (Touching the thumb and index finger lightly). In the middle of the forefinger and middle arches between the eyebrows, the ring finger and the little finger on the left nostril of the nose, and the thumb on the right nostril. To open and close the left nostrils, we will use the thumb and ring finger for the right nostril. Slowly exhale from right nostrils. Now breathe in from the left nostril and then gently press the left nostril with the ring finger and the little finger. Open the right thumb with the right nostrils and breathe out with the right nostril. Inhale from the right nostril and breathe from the left side. Now you have completed a phase of Anloam Vihom Pranayama. Continue breathing and release from one nostril after another. In this way, alternatively, breathe through both nostrils and complete 9 rounds. After leaving every breath, remember that the breathless breath from the nostrils left inhalation. Keep your eyes completely closed and continue to breathe long, deep and comfortable without any pressure or effort.


This is a simple yoga posture is to control the mindset of the mind. If you want to keep your mind stress free, then practice Pashchimottaanaasan. It keeps your mind calm, undistracted and helps in relieving stress. By doing this asana, you get relief from tension & anxiety. This asana also provides relief from a headache during sinusitis.


Method of doing Pashchimottaanaasan – Lay the ground on the back and lie down on the back and spread both of your legs. Now mix both legs together and keep your entire body perfectly straight. Now lift your two hands upside down and lift the upper part of the waist with a stroke. Now try to hold the feet of your legs slowly with both hands. While doing so, keep your feet and hands straight.





These are some best yoga asanas that help you to relieve daily stress and anxiety, also create a positive mental outlook. These asanas are very easy to practice at home or office also.

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