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Grieve No More. Nothing Lasts Forever.

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Once the Buddha was on his way to Shravasti when a woman, Kisa Gautami, brought to him a dead child. The poor woman had been told that the Buddha would be able to revive him by his divine powers.
Kisa Gautami was a poor girl, who had married a rich merchant of Shravasti. She had only one son whom she loved greatly. One day, while the boy was playing in the garden, he was bitten by a poisonous snake. He died at once and Gautami was inconsolable. She carried the dead, cold body around, asking everyone for medicine that would revive him.
“Poor Gautami
, she has lost her senses!” people began saying.
Though everyone felt very sorry for her no one could help. At last, an old traveler suggested, “Why not seek the help of the Buddha. He is a holy man who is said to   cure all sorrow and suffering.”
Gautami ran to meet the Buddha, still holding the dead child to her bosom. She fell at his feet, saying,Lord have pity on me! Give me medicine that will revive my son.” Seeing her distress the Buddha answered gently, ” Bring me a handful of mustard seed.”
I will bring it right away, my Lord,” replied Gautami, and was hastening away when the Buddha added,But
remember, it must be from a house where no one has died, whether child, husband, parent or friend.”
Gautami went from house to house in search of the handful of mustard seed. But in each house, in every ‘ family, in answer to her query, “Has a son or daughter, a father or mother, a friend or relative died in this household?” the answer was always the same, Alas, the living are few but the dead are many! We have lost many a dear one.“.
Gautami went to every house in the city without finding one in which there had been no death. At last, she realized
what the Buddha had been trying to tell her
. ” Death is common to all,” she admitted at last.
She bu
ried her son and went back to the compassionate Buddha who advised her, “Grieve no more. Nothing lasts ‘ forever.”


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