Yoga with Divya

Yoga with Divya
Yoga with Divya
Yoga with Divya gives yoga teacher training courses of 200, 300 ,500 hours , classses, retreats in India,Goa,Rishikesh, Dharamsala certified by yoga alliance. Our yoga school gives best yogic knowledge and yogic experience for development at physical, mental,emotional, moral and spiritual level. Here we bring together some of best yoga teachers , yoga lovers in loving , joyful , creative, positive atmosphere to bring out the best in us.We teach every student according to his or her individual needs and type for their maximum growth and progress . Here we not only give information and knowledge but ultimate aim is to give transformation in life of students by practical experience. Anybody who is having strong thirst to go deeper into yoga science, we provide a retreat to devote totally to transform your life.

We feel everybody is different and has different needs and preferences so we give choices and teach different styles of yoga like Iyenger style hatha, Ashtanga Vinyasa ,theapeutic yoga

DAILY SCHEDULE will be something like this but there can be flexible timings also

6.00 —-7.00 Morning MEDITATIONS(some from 112 techniques of meditations from lord Shiva )
7.10 —–8.10 Morning Pranayama or Breathing Exercises ( Near about 18 TECHNIQUES )
8.30 —–10.30 Morning Asana or POSTURES ( HATHA IYENGER STYLE ) ( Near about 80 Poses )Methodology,Therapy,Alignment and Adjustment
1.30 —–2.45 Self Practice
3.00——4.00 Evening YOGA Philosophy and Anatomy with some MORE information and knowledge about Nature Cure
4.10—–600 Evening Asanas or Postures( ASHTANGA VINYASA STYLE) Methodology,Alignment and Adjustment

Yoga teacher training course is to help you to learn details of yoga in simplest, detailed and loving way:

1. You will learn asanas (postures) IYENGER style HATHA, ASHTANGA VINYASA style more than 70 poses and its correct technique, alignment, benefits, precautions.
2. You will learn pranayama ( 17 different breathing exercises), bandhas (locks), kriyas, mudras to get better health, cure different diseases and it also helps to go deeper in to meditation.
3. You will learn meditations ( more than 30 meditations with breathing, light, music,dances, imagination, catharsis etc. To transform life and be enlightened like Buddha )
4. Yoga philosophy (patanjali yoga sutras , karma yoga, bhakti yoga,gyan yoga etc. From bhagvat gita ) to know who you are and what you can be and how to achieve your hidden potential and possibilities.
5. Anatomy and physiology
6. Alignment and Correction of postures of students and sequencing of postures
7. Therapeutic Yoga and its therapeutic aspects by understanding different people needs ,diagnose and cure their diseases like constipation ,arthritis, blood pressure ,back pain, loosing fats etc.
8. Motivating and inspiring yourself and others for getting maximum benefits , happiness, rejuvination,relaxation and transformation.
9. Ethics and moral values for yoga teacher
10. You will learn about diet control and what kind of food is good for you and what is not good or harmful to improve your health and eating habits.
11. You will learn how to use mind ,heart and body in best possible yogic way as it is up to us to either use mind, heart and body like temple by putting best pure thoughts ,emotions, feelings, food in it or use mind ,heart and body like dust bin by putting negative wrong thoughts,emotions,feelings and food in it.
12. You will learn something about Ayurveda and Naturopathy for better healthy life.
13. At the end of course you will get YOGA ALLIANCE certificate of yoga teacher .
14. Written material will be given also.

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Araambol, Goa / Dharamsala / Rishikesh
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Yoga with Divya