Our Mission

On this spiritual community where you can read spiritual stories, thoughts & sermons of all the Atmabodhis ( the one who achieve the Self-Awareness or Enlightened One) to help the people to enlighten themselves to answer the basic questions of their life like Who am I? What is the purpose of my life? which results to achieve the highest truth of life at a conscious level. 

In today’s life people do not have a time for their family, love one not even for themselves. People running in a vicious circle to fulfill their greed for all the materialistic things, comforts and creating various physical and psychological trauma, stress, pessimism around  themselves.

At we have a expert team of Spiritual Counselors, intellectuals and psychologist who offers free spiritual consultation on various life issues like boredom, frustration, stress, addiction to drugs, failure, anxiety, various fears, low confidence, poor concentration, poor mental health etc using ancient spiritual techniques & doctrines.

Atmabodha offer free consultation of spiritual travel in India on various ashrams & spiritual centers in India. You can also get free information & booking of various Yoga & Meditation courses in best Yoga and Meditation Schools & Centers.

Here you can read the stories from Buddhism, stories from Zen, stories from Enlightened one, and other atmabodha stories, these stories will help you to quench for the enlightenment & self wisdom.   Atmabodha is a community which is beyond any religion, sect or organization. We believe in the philosophy of dhamma, peace, happiness, love, existence, freedom, non-attachment, compassion & knowledge.

If you are exploring for self and want to attain the ultimate truth i.e Atmabodha (self-realization) then join our mission to spread the wisdom & virtue in all human being. So contact us & share your thoughts, queries, stories. We will help you remove the ignorance from self & show the righteous path which leads to wisdom & Self-Knowledge.