Ashrams In Coimbatore

Best Yoga Ashrams In Coimbatore


Coimbatore city is situated in a southern state Tamil Nadu of India. Coimbatore is a spiritual capital of Yoga, Meditation & other spiritual activities. In Coimbatore, there are very famous ashrams for the practicing of Yoga & ancient Hindu meditation.Here is the list of some best ashrams in Coimbatore for Yoga & Meditation.


  • Integral Yoga Institute (IYI) : Integral Yoga Institute is one of the known Yoga school for the learning various styles of Yoga like Hatha, Ashtanga etc. They various courses & classes for the yoga training.
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  • Isha Yoga Center: Isha Yoga centre and Dhyanalinga  Yogic Temple is a world famous Meditation & Yoga ashram founded by Great Sadhguru. 
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