India is a spiritual Mecca of this World. It is a origin of spirituality & consciousness. It is hub of the spiritual destination, spiritual ashrams, spiritual gurus & all other spiritual sages or gurus got enlightenment at the soil of spiritual India.

India is a Enlighten destination for all the people looking for enlightenment, spirituality, consciousness. Spiritual destinations like Bodha gaya, Varanasi, Vrindavan, Saarnaath, Ashrams of Himalayas & many more which will feed your spiritual appetite to lead the ultimate truth of life. 

We at Atmabodha will help all the spiritual travelers all across the world to reach their spiritual destination. We will guide you to get the best from India spiritual destinations with complete itinerary. Whether, you are looking for any ashram, monastery or any spiritual place in India for guidance we will help you. We have an association with many ashrams in India.

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